This season's winter fashion is not for the modest or faint at heart. The boring grays, blacks, browns, and typical earthy colors have been muted by the overtaking of bold, vibrant, and unexpected. This showcasing of color will be the perfect color therapy to brighten even the dullest of days. Even metallics and sequins have been used to embellish classic pieces. 


Winter fashion trends are playful and fun, yet tailored and minimally sophisticated. The use of bright and classic plaids will carryover from the holiday season and will be seen in the most unusual, atypical pieces including multiple piece outfits (i.e. coordinating blazer, top, and skirt/pants combinations). I can just see the crowded and busy streets of some of the most heavily populated urban areas lined with feminine bling as sequin is married with odd geometric prints. "Not-your-grandpas" plaid flannel jackets, shackets, and even rompers will be the rave for both the young and mature.

My personal favorite is "the ski slope-meets-urban look" which is personified through quilted and/or metallic faux leather jackets and snowsuits. It used to be the case that a giant puffer coat was the sign of a horrible fashion ruin. However, puffer coats have been officially declared this season as "dressy". I know, right? So, feel free to throw one over your classy business suit accented with your polished pearl necklace or a blingy Swarovski crystal brooch. 


Let's not forget about the many sheer layers, ruffles, and ruching that you will find on blouses, tops, and especially velvet-like dresses. These are designed to allow a peek at the feminine curves yet leaving much to the imagination.  Show off those biceps and thighs that you worked so hard to get last summer.




Finally, don't forget to bundle up. It is predicted to be a long, cold winter. Remember to grab the accessories that you will need to remain warm and cozy even in the most frigid temperatures. These will be key essentials to making a bold STATEMENT and keeping you stylishly warm as they add create frenzy and add a blast of color (i.e. long leather gloves and metallic puff-like faux leather beanies). Remember, though, these accents need to be as warm as they are stylish.


Finally, I’m not a fan of cold weather especially after living in New Hampshire for three and a half years and the Chicago metropolitan area for more than sixteen years. In fact, as a native Texan, I HATE THE COLD WEATHER. Though, I know it serves its purpose. Nonetheless, I will be making my-STATEMENT when it is cool enough to declare our short winter has arrived here in Texas and well into the spring. 





This season's trends are HOT...literally:

  1. Shockingly vibrant colors  
  2. Knits
  3. Leather matching sets and head to toe looks
  4. Long leather gloves
  5. Metallics
  6. Sequins
  7. Faux fur coats
  8. Geometric prints
  9. Dark denim on denim
  10. Sheer dresses and layers
  11. Quilted and puffer coats and snowsuits
  12. Mini skirts, the shorter the better
  13. Fringe anything: bags, dresses, shoes
  14. Full catsuits / jumpsuits
  15. Feathers





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