Fall 2022 Promises Bold Colors & Reconstructed STATEMENTS

The COVID-19 pandemic has been negatively impactful in so many ways over the last couple of year, sadly. It has left many retailers scratching their heads trying to determine what customers need and desire in terms of apparel and accessories. Do they now need more loungewear and business casual for those daily Zoom meetings? Will they purchase more casual wear or not n=based on what the upsurging levels are at the time of purchase? Are they hopeful that things will return back to normal, requiring them to begin restocking items required for their in the office work day? How do we plan in a time of great uncertainty and still remain viable?

Well, the truth is that I don't believe any of us has the answer to one or al of those questions,but one thing is for sure, and that is that women now have a greater desire to bring some sense of normalcy to their lives. What better to do that than to SHOP.

I really love that the major designers and fashion houses have responded, nonetheless, in their attempts to keep things consistently fun, fashionable, and responsive. Sneak peeks of the Fall 2022 fashion trends continue to feature w arm textures, bright and promising  colors, as well as lots of sexy, essentials like basic black clothing. These seem to be the upcoming Fall season’s major storylines. However, they have thrown in a number of gaudy, retro fun and a definite interest in deconstructing basic denim mixed with unexpected layering. The word "GRAND"comes to mind when reflecting on this Fall's crazy and eccentric statement pieces and accessories. Nonetheless, the pieces are quite wearable and still comfortable pieces despite the bold colors. There are also a number of simply, practical silhouettes in the midst of all of the boldness. 

What should you look for?

As the pandemic is still ongoing, look for functional daywear or business casual separates with "toned-down" tweeds, tamed animal prints with soft and monotone colors, and continue looking for seasonal plaids. Comfortable denim STATEMENTS are a must. By comfortable, I mean roomier and baggier pants, but shorter denim skirts. So, expect to find "fluffy bear" and baggier styles that allow for movement and emphasize comfort as opposed to"huggy bear" fits.

Colors will emanate from the entire rainbow. It appears that the fashion designers are attempting to usher in brighter days by revealing vibrant patterns and palettes. Remember the Care Bears. (I hope that I am not dating myself. LOL) 

Here the top trends from the Pre-Fall 2022 collections:
  • Reconstructed & Comfortable Denim - The fashion designers have taken the time to approach denim in a unexpected way. Denim will meet cozy in the fall with lots of layering.
  • Go Short or Go Home 
  • Light 'Em Red Hot  
  • Slice N Dice

  • Layer By Layer
  • Sheek 50's Ball Skirts -  Full-skirted silhouettes that evoke ’50s glamour like will adorn every figure and shape. 

  • Show Off Those Legs - Miniskirts & Shorts - The shorter-the-better skirts from the spring will continue to hang around for a while longer. This time they will be joined by mini shorts and minidresses as well.

  • The Book Bag Anomaly - Store the backpacks this season. The atypical book bag is what you will see this fall specifically for transporting printed documents from home or office. 

  • Add Puff and Fluff

    Fuzzy and fluffy textures are still a big deal for Pre-Fall. This even includes trousers and show-stopping dresses and coats. Think 3D this fall as STATEMENTS could "puff out" beyond three dimensions. 

  • Updated Tweed, Not Grandma's - Stock up on two-piece suits that include stylish, updated tweed jackets paired with either loose skirts or even leather trousers for Pre-Fall. The look is polished, but cozy.
  • "Knotty" By Nature - With continued use of those virtual meetings, there still needs to be some visible attempt at displaying your fashion flare. So, the fashion designers have assisted us with this effort by introducing sophisticated "knot"embellishments to the necklines and along the collarbone. You will also discover how they have introduced "twisted" new ways to bring volume and elegance to what can be seen via the camera. 

  • Trust in Plaid - I am particularly happy about the continued sighting of plaids in every color. They are just so classic. They'll range in Fall from the funkiest designs to the preppy and classic. The styles will be both expected and unexpected. 

  • "...Rainbow in Someone's Cloud" - The world can stand to use a little brightening. Spring ans summer months are easy because the sun is shining and the weather is warm in most regions of the country. Fall is another story. So, you can thank the fashion designers for their introduction of "fall meets sunshine" when you encounter the bright colors this Fall. They will help elevate the typical Fall vibe, as you walk the streets and see all of the vibrant, bold colors. 

  • Show Your Spots. 

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