Must-Have Hair Accessories Trending for Winter 2022

Must-Have Hair Accessories Trending for Winter 2022

Winter 2022 hair accessories are here! Many of them are a carrier over from Fall 2021, but who cares. They were fantastic then, they are still fantastic and stylish now. As a matter of fact, winter 2022 is big for hair accessories and hats.

Every chic lady trying to make a STATEMENT will wear an accessory in her hair this season from headbands to pearl hairpins to bobby pins to pearl hair clips to barrettes to hair-kerchief tied under the chin. Remember, the rule is only one at a time! So, you could put a headband on, tie a scarf under your chin or frame your face with pins and barrettes. Headbands are absolutely still one of the key hair accessory trends for 2022 even there are four more hair accessory trends you be aware of. Find some of the cutest accessories under the Shop Accessories tab.

Let's talk about the many different types of hair accessory options you have this season. You will see a number of them copied from the 60's, 70's, and 80's as retro is in. 

Even though winter 2022 hair accessories are quite exaggerated, I know none of us will have any regrets when splurging on hair accessories for winter 2022. Nor wearing them afterwards. So, go ahead and splurge. It's a great investment!



    The No. 1 biggest hair accessory trend for 2022 is hair accessories with pearls. Yes, girl, pearl hair accessories are still in style again. This includes pearl hairpins. Just remember that this season you should purchase them smaller.
    This winter season's hair accessories with pearls are little more more sophisticated and elegant than last summer. You will find in the stores a booby pin with just a single pearl or maybe a few pearls. So, the pretty little headband with pearls is it this winter.
    Hair accessories to add this winter season


    Whether it be a plain thick velvet headband, a brightly bedazzled headband, or a solid color braided one, all varieties of headbands will be on everyone’s head in 2022. Stick with a favorite or switch up your headbands daily depending on the STATEMENT that you are attempting to make.


    A barrette is the top key hair accessory trend for winter 2022. Actually, a logo barrette is the most fashionable hair accessory. This should not be a surprised because logo barrettes have been in style for quite some time now.

    It is even fashionable to place barrettes symmetrically on both sides of the face and frame the face with them. 

    Also, add a butterfly barrette which will be a chic hair accessory that goes effortlessly from day to night.

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    Yes, headbands are all the rave, especially padded headbands. The most fashionable headband of 2022 is a wide padded headband. You can get in both by purchasing a pearl embellished padded headband.


    Hair kerchiefs are the second biggest hair accessory trend. Be sure and purchase a few pretty silk scarves that can be folded and easily tied under the chin. Even better, secure your precious new silk scarf with a hair pin. Hair pins are on trend!

    5. HAIR PINS

    Wearing several hair pins attached on both sides of your face is one of the key hair accessory trends. A set of embellished bobby pins or even just some simple, basic ones will work just fine. Stock up on them.

    They range in price. Some of the more expensive ones are offered by Bachca Paris, if you prefer the more luxury brands. 

                           Dolce & Gabbanna's floral-gem hair clip, $645



    As mentioned earlier, pearl hair clips are very fashionable again. While you probably already have a bunch of pearl hair clips, consider shopping for brand new flower clips and crystal hair clips. I like the crystal hair clips the best. There are some gorgeous floral options as well. 

    Most importantly, remember a well-built winter wardrobe consists of hair accessories this season. They are an absolute essential accessory to your STATEMENTS. Note: The most fashionable way to wear these accessories is to match your headband with your handbag. That will definitely prove to be fun.

    Lastly, hair accessories can be worn for any occasion this season...a party, work (in the house and remotely working), and even at at home. Why not? A girl just wants to have fun every opportunity that she can.

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